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Fantastic Close-Up Fire Ant Photos

You can catch thousands of fire ants in only minutes without the use of harmful poisons, baits or chemicals. Just insert product directly into the fire ant mound. They come out to attack and are trapped by the thousands. You got'em! It's simple, fast and dependable. Naturally! All you do is add a small amount of mild soapy water and your job is done.




Notice how fire ants sting the rim of the Solar Ant Charmer. They are stimulated by electric impulses and sting each other before falling into the cone where they are doomed. This photo shows the cone with approx. 60,000 very unhappy fire ants in the bottom.

Please don't try to take a photo like this yourself...leave the fire ant photography to us.



Here are a few new fire ant photos May 2000

Stinging the rim...

Unbeleivable close-up view, shows ants actually stinging the Solar Ant Charmer before falling into collection cone.

After being stimulated by the Solar Ant Charmer they continue to fight and sting each other.

NATURALLY! Only $89.95 each

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